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Application form: Care Worker

General information
First name
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Location / City
Phone number
How did your hear about the position?
Residential status
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Highest education
Relevant Tertiary Qualifications
How many years experience do you have in a similar position?
Do you have a current First aid certificate?
Do you have a current National police check?
Do you have Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance?
Please select the closest type of vehicle you have?
Are you currently employed?
To help us provide you with a more flexible employment how many hours would you like to work per week?
How many days a week are you available?
Are you able to do weekends and/or evenings?
Would you be able to do overnight services?
Q.1. What would be the first thing you would do if you entered a client’s home and found human faecal matter on the floor?
Q.2. What are the main priority areas when cleaning a client’s home for hygiene purposes?
Q.3. A client starts swearing at you and saying you have done the wrong thing. What would you do first?
Q.4. If a client is a hoarder what is the first thing to approach when cleaning the home?
Do you have any medical conditions that has restrictions on the requirements of the position? (e.g night time driving)
I have my referee’s permission to use their name and agree to Accuro Homecare contacting my referees to determine my suitability for the position.
I agree to undergo a medical examination and a drug and alcohol test to assess my suitability to be able to carry out the essential requirements of the position.
I certify that the information I have provided in this application is true and correct. I understand that if I am found to have provided false or misleading information either in this application form, any documents associated with my application or by way of any verbal representations that I have given, that my employment may be terminated.
Checklist - Attach your Resume with at least 2 work referees.
Cover letter
I hereby agree to the Privacy Statement and that my personal data will be processed. This information will be treated confidentially by us and will only be used for recruitment and selection purposes.

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